400th Entry!

The 2011 year has been a good year for Michigan is Amazing, this is the 400th post on the blog. We have gained A LOT of new fans on our facebook page and have had so many super pictures shared by amazing photographers all over this great state. Thank you to all of my fans!!

On January 6th, I am going to start a Best of 2011 picture contest and we have a great prize from a fantastic Michigan artist to give away to the winner of the Best of 2011 contest.

Enjoy the last few days of 2011…soon it will be 2012! (And I just got used to writing 2011!)


Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is December 22. Hanukkah starts tonight, Christmas is on Sunday….and I want to know where is the snow to really get these holidays going?? I know some of you don’t like snow and are content to put off the inevitable flakes for as long as possible. I like snow, it is one of the best things about winter in Michigan (even better if you don’t have to drive in it!)

The holiday seems complete when a beautiful white blanket covers the trees and grass. Plus – I want the snow now…when we are supposed to have it…not in April and May!

The Winter Solstice is also the shortest day of the year…so on Friday, our days will start getting longer again – now that is something to truly be thankful for!!