As the cold settles in…

The days seem to be getting a bit cooler each day. It is blustery and chilly – not quite in need of a parka yet, but soon. As we creep closer to winter, what do you do to pass the winter months – snowmobile, ice fishing, hunting, skiing?? Do you embrace the cold and snow or do you reach for a blanket and wait for spring?


Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Places to Ski/Snowboard in Michigan

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Favorite Places to Ski/Snowboard on Michigan:

10. Pine Knob

9. Boyne Mountain

8. Crystal Mountain

7. Walloon Hills

6. Nubs Nob

5. Blackjack

4. Marquette Mountain

3. Indianhead Mountain

2. Big Powderhorn

1. Mount Bohemia