Camping in Michigan

I was raised camping every summer, so it is something that I really enjoy and always encourage people to give it a try if they haven’t done it before; there are so many fun things that go with camping and so many great family memories to be made. Michigan has so many wonderful state parks that offer great camping and beautiful scenery. Now, the Department of Natural Resources is offering a First Time Campers Program to help people try it out. For $20, a program member gets 2 nights at select state parks, a park ranger to help you set up camp and make a fire and Gander Mountain provides the following gear to be lent to you:
tent ∗
tarp ∗
flashlight ∗
lantern ∗
stove ∗
(4) hot dog /marshmallow cookers ∗
(2) fishing poles ∗
*These items are lent to you by Gander Mountain and are to be returned.

This is a great way to try out camping without the expense of purchasing all of the items in the beginning. Check out the First Time Campers Program for complete information.

Golf in Michigan

Michigan is known for its beautiful golf courses among other things. Whether your game consists of Double Eagles or Double Bogeys, you are sure to have a favorite course. Michigan Golf Magazine website has a list of the top 50 public courses in Michigan. So, if you are looking for a place to play, go check out their list.

Michigan Golf Magazine

Is your course on the list? What is your favorite course?

Holland Tulip Festival

The annual Tulip Time Festival in Holland is quickly approaching. Festival dates are May 5-12, but due to warmer-than-usual temperatures in Michigan this spring, the tulips are expected to be in peaking in mid April. The Tulip Time Festival website is encouraging Tulip lovers to “Come Early For The Tulips, Come Back For The Festival!”

During the Festival, there is a luncheon with Governor Snyder (tickets are still available) and the Art in Bloom Competition that is held by Holland Area Arts Council. You’ll also find a parade, lots of music, and Dutch Heritage festivities.

For more information, please visit: The Tulip Time website.

Spring is here

Summer has left us and we’re back to the Spring-like weather we should be having here in Michigan during March. I have to say…I am freezing now after those eighty degree days! This crazy weather is just one more reason that I love Michigan. You never know what you’re gonna get! I know we set some records with high temperatures in March last week. Michigan weather is probably a weatherman’s worst nightmare!

Enjoy these spring-like days ahead…and don’t forget your parka and your flip flops!

Leap Day

Happy February 29th! Yep, that is right…this year has 366 days. Did you know that a person born on February 29th is called a “leapling” or “leaper?”
I have never met a “leaper,” but it sure seems like a cool birthday to have!

But for all of us that aren’t a “leaper” it just means you get one whole extra day to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you each day here in Michigan.

Have a great Leap Day!

Michigan’s 175th Birthday

January 26th is Michigan’s 175th birthday! On January 26, 1837 President Andrew Jackson signed a bill declaring Michigan the 26th state of the union.
In honor of this special occasion, here are some facts about this great state from

State Name: Michigan
Name Origin: Derived from the Indian word Michigama, meaning great or large lake.
Nickname: Wolverine State
Statehood: Jan. 26, 1837 (26th)
Capital: Lansing, since 1847; prior to that, Detroit.
State Motto: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice, which translates, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
Flower: Apple Blossom
Bird: Robin
Tree: White Pine
Stone: Petoskey Stone
Gem: Chlorastrolite
Fish: Brook Trout
Soil: Kalkaska Soil Series
Reptile: Painted Turtle
Game Mammal: White-tailed Deer
Wildflower: Dwarf Lake Iris
Fossil: Mastodon

I knew we had a state flower, tree, reptile, etc. But, I did not know we had a state soil! You learn something new everyday!

To celebrate Michigan’s 175th birthday, look around you and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us all! Turn your porch lights on Thursday night so Michigan shines brightly for all to see!

Best of 2011 Photo Contest

The Michigan is Amazing Facebook fan page has a great fan base with many great photographers that share photos from all over the state. There are so many great photos that have been submitted throughout the year that yesterday I opened a Best of 2011 photo contest. There are over 50 amazing photos of this great state in the contest, but there really could have been hundreds of photos included!

If you haven’t already, visit the fan page and browse through the amazing photos from all over Michigan. Voting will be open through Friday, January 13. The winner of the photo contest will receive a Michigan-themed picture frame from a very talented Michigan artist, Scott Snow of Michigan in Metal.

400th Entry!

The 2011 year has been a good year for Michigan is Amazing, this is the 400th post on the blog. We have gained A LOT of new fans on our facebook page and have had so many super pictures shared by amazing photographers all over this great state. Thank you to all of my fans!!

On January 6th, I am going to start a Best of 2011 picture contest and we have a great prize from a fantastic Michigan artist to give away to the winner of the Best of 2011 contest.

Enjoy the last few days of 2011…soon it will be 2012! (And I just got used to writing 2011!)

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is December 22. Hanukkah starts tonight, Christmas is on Sunday….and I want to know where is the snow to really get these holidays going?? I know some of you don’t like snow and are content to put off the inevitable flakes for as long as possible. I like snow, it is one of the best things about winter in Michigan (even better if you don’t have to drive in it!)

The holiday seems complete when a beautiful white blanket covers the trees and grass. Plus – I want the snow now…when we are supposed to have it…not in April and May!

The Winter Solstice is also the shortest day of the year…so on Friday, our days will start getting longer again – now that is something to truly be thankful for!!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, while we are all surrounded by friends, family, and of course – delicious foods; let’s all be thankful. Take a moment to not only be thankful for the big things, but the small moments too. Let’s slow down, if only for a moment, and really enjoy the spirit of the holiday. We all have so many things to be thankful for.

Be safe in your travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all!