Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Cider Mills

Sorry this is a day late…

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten favorite Michigan Cider Mills:

10. Middleton

9. Erwin Orchards

8. Uncle John’s Cider Mill

7. Blake’s Cider Mill

6. Plymouth Orchards

5. Rochester Cider Mill

4. Parmenter’s Cider Mill

3. Westview Orchards

2. Franklin Cider Mill

1. Yates Cider Mill

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Favorite Michigan Cider Mill

Here at Michigan is Amazing we are looking for your input on our next Top Ten List.

This week we want you to weigh in on your favorite Michigan cider mill.  Who has the best cider?  Where are the the most yummy donuts?  Leave a comment or send us an email (

The list will be up next Tuesday!