Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Michigan Brands

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Michigan Brands:

10. Art Van Furniture

9. Global Warming Salsa

8. Koegel Hot Dogs

7. Made in Detroit Clothing

6. Hudsonville Ice Cream

5. Carhartt

4. Kellogg’s Cereal

3. Bell’s Beer

2. Garden Fresh Salsa

1. Faygo Pop



Hey Michigan! Did You Know…

Sault Ste. Marie was founded by Father Jacques Marquette in 1668. It is the third oldest remaining settlement in the United States.

Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes and more than 36,000 miles of streams.

Standing anywhere in Michigan a person is within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.

In 1879, Detroit telephone customers were the first in the nation to be assigned telephone numbers to facilitate handling calls.

The Kellogg Company has made Battle Creek the Cereal Capital of the world. The Kellogg brothers accidentally discovered the process for producing flaked cereal products and sparked the beginning of the dry cereal industry.
Michigan Did you know