Michiganders Have Super Vision!

On the night of April 26, 1977, the residents of Grand Haven looked westward across the relatively cold waters of Lake Michigan and saw city lights and a flashing red beacon. But the nearest urban area westward from them was Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 75 miles away, well below the geometric horizon and thus normally not visible. Their sightings were later confirmed to have been Milwaukee when a Grand Haven resident timed the blink rate of the flashing red light and linked it to the Milwaukee Harbor entrance beacon.  US Weather Service records also confirm that strong inversion conditions were indeed present that night. The unseeable had indeed briefly become visible.

The arctic mirage generally forms under conditions of a uniform and widespread temperature inversion. When the temperature rises at a rate of 6 degrees Fahrenheit per 100 feet, the Earth’s horizon will appear flat.  If the inversion becomes stronger, the horizon will then appear to rise vertically from the flat position.  Thus, when the inversion gradient reaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit per 100 ft, the horizon appears to turn upward to the observer.

For more information about Arctic Mirages, please visit: http://www.islandnet.com/~see/weather/elements/supmrge.htm


Coast Guard City USA

As Lake Michigan storms took their toll on boats and crews from Grand Haven, a group of volunteer lifesavers banded together in 1871 to save the lives of those whose vessels were imperiled. By the end of the decade, an Act of Congress established the United States Life Saving Service. In 1915 Congress founded the Coast Guard, who took over the mission of the Life Saving Service. Nine years later local residents proposed a community picnic to honor the Coast Guard. Rain delayed that inaugural picnic for a year, but by the mid-1930s the celebration had grown into the annual Coast Guard Festival, an eagerly anticipated event. Grand Haven was declared “Coast Guard City USA” by an Act of Congress in 1998.

Today’s Coast Guard Festival is a unique 10 day national military festival, whose purpose is to honor the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard. During the ten days of the festival, there are opportunities for all to attend and participate. From parades, waterfront entertainment, fireworks, the National Memorial Service, Street Dance, and Kids Day, the festival allows for reflection, celebration, and solidifying the historical relationship between the Coast Guard and Grand Haven.

This year’s 85th Coast Guard Festival runs from July 24th – August 2nd, 2009.

For more information or to plan a trip to Grand Haven, please visit:  www.coastguardfest.org or www.visitgrandhaven.com