Kid Rock Lifts a Glass to Michigan

The rumors are true…Kid Rock will have his own beer. However, it’s not just about the beer. It’s a story of how a local boy is using his celebrity to bring jobs and his brew to Michigan.

Webberville is home to the Michigan Brewing Company. Founded in 1995, Michigan Brewing Company (MBC) is home to internationally-acclaimed Made-in-Michigan craft beers, including the beloved Celis brand beers, the Distillery producing fine artisan spirits, The Winery, The Pub (with excellent food), along with thingsBEER, a retail outlet for home brewers and wine makers. The Michigan Brewing Company was selected as the brewery for Kid’s beer, “American Badass Beer.”

The beer is in production and is expected to make its debut at the July 17th and 18th Kid Rock concerts at Comerica Park in Detroit.

Please click here to check out MLive’s KalamaBrew blog about the beer. Or visit, the website for the Michigan Brewing Company, for more information.