Featured Business: Global Warming Salsa

Global Warming Salsa Ignites Michigan

Dan and Cherie Houston own a fitness consulting business, with locations in Highland/Milford and Clarkston.  Upon visiting their website, you’ll notice a theme that includes chile peppers, very appropriate for the creators of Global Warming Salsa.

Global Warming Salsa was born out of a need to find a salsa that was different and according to their website, “something that makes your mouth cry and sing at the same time.”  And before you start thinking the name is commentary on a political issue, you need to know that idea of “Global” came from them utilizing flavors from around the world.  They are using ingredients from all the popular international cuisines; Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Mexican just to name a few.

The salsa is a way for them to help their health and fitness clients add flavor to their food with minimal calories and a better overall nutritional value.  But most importantly, they are using the proceeds from the salsa to help combat childhood obesity by developing nutrition and exercise programs for schools and finish their book on childrens exercise.

For more information on award-winning Global Warming Salsa and a list of locations where you can purchase this Michigan product, visit www.globalwarmingsalsa.com.


Featured Business: The Cupcake Station

The Cupcake Station:  Helping people one cupcake at a time

One of Kerry Johnson’s passions in life is cupcakes, but an even greater passion of his is helping people.  When he decided that it was time for a new venture in life, he started The Cupcake Station, and has kept his passion for helping people as an integral part of the cupcake business.  Today, The Cupcake Station has helped over 2,000 different organizations.  The Cupcake Station is now accepting applications for Franchises with one “condition.”  The future franchise owner must stay true to the roots of The Cupcake Station; giving back to the community.

Over 25 varieties of cupcakes are made daily from scratch.  Their most popular cupcake is the Carrot Cake Cupcake followed closely by the Michigan Bumpy Cupcake.  The Michigan Bumpy Cupcake features Dark Chocolate Cake with smooth White Buttercream bumps dipped in Dark Chocolate Ganache and drizzled with White Chocolate.  The Cupcake Station created this little piece of Heaven in homage to Sanders, another Michigan institution.   The Cupcake Station was the first to come out with The Michigan Bumpy Cupcake, which was featured on the national news.  Now, cupcake stores nationwide have started making Michigan Bumpy Cupcakes.

Currently, there are two locations, Birmingham and Ann Arbor that employ 22 people.  During the week, they sell 500-700 cupcakes per day and an additional 1,200 – 2,000 per day on weekends.   This weekend many more cupcakes will be flying off the shelves since Valentine’s Day is their busiest holiday of the year.  The Cupcake Station now ships its amazing cupcakes nationwide.

For locations or franchise information, please visit: www.cupcakestation.com.

Are you looking for something to do this weekend?

Here are some things that are going on this weekend.  Check out the “Notes” section on our facebook fan page for more details!

Feb 12-14 10th Annual Winterfest – in Ida
Feb 12-14 Detroit’s Motown Winter Blast – Downtown @ Campus Martius Park
Feb 13 Valentine’s Dance Party to Benefit Homeless Animals – Madison Heights
Feb 13-15 Village of Rochester Hills Ice Sculpting Festival
Feb 13-21 Detroit Boat Show – 52nd Annual – in Detroit

Today in Michigan History

February 8, 1985

The Stroh Brewery announced it is closing its Detroit plant.

Beer was brewed in Detroit as early as 1836. By the eve of the Civil War there were “upward of 40” breweries in Michigan’s largest city. One of these was operated by Bernhard Stroh, who began brewing beer in Detroit in the 1850s. By the 1880s, Stroh was Detroit’s biggest brewery. In the years following World War II, Stroh fought with Goebel and Pfeiffer for dominance in the city. By 1982, Stroh was the nation’s third largest brewery, but Stroh’s acquisition of Schlitz led to the closing of the Detroit plant.

Thank you Michigan Start Pages for this glimpse into our past.  See more here.


Featured Business: Bearclaw Coffee

Doing Their Part to Bring Great Coffee and Jobs to the People of Michigan

Debi and Doug Scroggins started Bearclaw Coffee in 2002.  In eight short years that one small coffee shop has grown to 18 locations and three mobile units just in Michigan.  They have plans to open more locations in Wayne & Washtenaw Counties, which would bring 30 more employees to Michigan.  They also have stores in Kentucky and Virginia.

For location or franchise information, please visit www.bearclawcoffee.com


Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite MI Sliders

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Favorite Places in MI to get a slider:

10. Blue Tractor Cook Shop (Traverse City)

9. Comet Burger (Royal Oak)

8. Seeburger’s Cheeseburgers (Mt. Clemens)

7. Brays (Westland)

6. Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger (Ann Arbor)

5. Travis (St. Clair Shores)

4. Dagwood’s (Lansing)

3. Hunter House (Birmingham)

2. Telway (Madison Heights/Detroit)

1. Bates (Livonia)


Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite MI Holiday Traditions

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Favorite Michigan Holiday Traditions:

10. Putting up the lights before it gets too cold or snowy

9. Snow

8. Gary Lane Lights & the house with the lights set to music

7. Bronner’s/Frankenmuth

6. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

5. Making cookies

4. Visiting Santa at Kellogg Park

3. Driving down Lakeshore Dr. to see the lights

2. The food

1. The Wayne County Lightfest (Hines Dr.)


Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite MI Pizza Places

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Favorite Michigan Pizza Places:

10. Como’s (Ferndale)

9. Alibi (Troy)

8. Pro Pizza (Davisburg/Ortonville/Holly)

7. Fricano’s Pizza (Grand Haven)

6. Pizza Papalis (Various Locations)

5. Shield’s Pizza (Various Locations)

4. Corsi’s (Livonia)

3. Primo’s Pizza (Birmingham)

2. Tomatoes Apizza (Farmington Hills)

1. Loui’s Pizza (Hazel Park)

Because there were so many great pizza places submitted, here are the ones that didn’t make the top ten, but deserve honorable mention status:  Amici’s (Berkley), Supino’s (Detroit), Paisano’s (St. Clair Shores), Green Lantern Lounge (Madison Heights), Old Chicago (Southgate), Art’s Bar & Grill (Lansing), Toarmina’s Pizza (Various Locations), Dan Good Pizza (Various Locations), and Buddy’s Pizza (Various Locations).