Camping in Michigan

I was raised camping every summer, so it is something that I really enjoy and always encourage people to give it a try if they haven’t done it before; there are so many fun things that go with camping and so many great family memories to be made. Michigan has so many wonderful state parks that offer great camping and beautiful scenery. Now, the Department of Natural Resources is offering a First Time Campers Program to help people try it out. For $20, a program member gets 2 nights at select state parks, a park ranger to help you set up camp and make a fire and Gander Mountain provides the following gear to be lent to you:
tent ∗
tarp ∗
flashlight ∗
lantern ∗
stove ∗
(4) hot dog /marshmallow cookers ∗
(2) fishing poles ∗
*These items are lent to you by Gander Mountain and are to be returned.

This is a great way to try out camping without the expense of purchasing all of the items in the beginning. Check out the First Time Campers Program for complete information.