Featured Business: Global Warming Salsa

Global Warming Salsa Ignites Michigan

Dan and Cherie Houston own a fitness consulting business, with locations in Highland/Milford and Clarkston.  Upon visiting their website, you’ll notice a theme that includes chile peppers, very appropriate for the creators of Global Warming Salsa.

Global Warming Salsa was born out of a need to find a salsa that was different and according to their website, “something that makes your mouth cry and sing at the same time.”  And before you start thinking the name is commentary on a political issue, you need to know that idea of “Global” came from them utilizing flavors from around the world.  They are using ingredients from all the popular international cuisines; Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Mexican just to name a few.

The salsa is a way for them to help their health and fitness clients add flavor to their food with minimal calories and a better overall nutritional value.  But most importantly, they are using the proceeds from the salsa to help combat childhood obesity by developing nutrition and exercise programs for schools and finish their book on childrens exercise.

For more information on award-winning Global Warming Salsa and a list of locations where you can purchase this Michigan product, visit www.globalwarmingsalsa.com.