Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite MI Halloween Memory

We are doing this week’s top ten a little differently…here are the responses that we received for favorite MI Halloween memory:

“Apple Charley’s and the Jaycees haunted house in A.P. my Dad always used to take us to!!” – Charlene Burkett

“Attending Theatre Bizarre, near the State Fairgrounds. Also, last year when I showed up at the bar dressed as a convict, and there was a woman there wearing virtually the same thing… except hers wasn’t a costume. Doh!” – Candice Lazar

“Heather trick or treating with her britches falling down” – Colleen Foy Baxendale

“Going Pumpkin Picking with you every year!  Dressing up as a kid, and when I got older, sneaking into Merriman Fields.  Scary Movies.  Apple Orchards, Haunted Barns, Houses, and Mansions.” – Heather Roddy

“I have so many great Halloween memories! I remember it being so cold one Halloween that I had to wear my snowsuit under my costume! Another favorite is when my husband dressed as Britney Spears (back when we were in college). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any photographic evidence of said costume anymore!” – Wendi Churchman

Thanks to all that submitted memories!  The new Top Ten theme will be up tomorrow!



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