Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Michigan Actors

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten favorite Michigan Actors (male or female):

10. Steven Segal

9. Ellen Burstyn

8. Kristen Bell

7. Lee Majors

6. Robin Williams

5. Tom Selleck

4. Matthew Lillard

3. Jeff Daniels

2. Tim Allen

1. Bruce Campbell



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Michigan Actors

  1. So who would win in a fight:

    Ash (Bruce Campbell) with his trusty chainsaw and Boom Stick.

    Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man (Lee Majors)

    Matthew Quigley, with his 1974 Buffalo Rifle with custom sights (Tom Selleck)

    Or Steven Segal, with his Akido and ponytail?

    Truly a question for the ages.

  2. Segal would win. The others would be poisoned by his hair gel and crushed by his gut.

    I didn’t realize either Robin Williams or Burstyn was from Michigan. Ellen Burstyn is a ridiculous actress. Should have killed Julia at the Oscars.

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