Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Coney Islands in Michigan

Based on the input from our readers, here are the Top Ten Coney Islands in Michigan:

10. Paul’s Coney Island (Livonia)

9. Kerby’s Coney Island (Various Locations)

8. Phoenix Coney Island (Sterling Heights)

7. L. George’s Coney Island (Various Locations)

6. American Coney Island (Detroit)

5. Yesterdog (Grand Rapids)

4. Hellenic Coney Island (Southfield)

3. Senate Coney Island (Various Locations)

2. National Coney Island (Various Locationa)

1. Lafayette Coney Island (Detroit)



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Coney Islands in Michigan

  1. Hmmm…………..sad no Olympic, but happy to see the great appreciation for Lafayette. It was just in the season finale of HUNG. I love how much the show is showing the Detroit Metro area. It also gave a peek at the old Redford theatre which unfortunately is in a terrible neighborhood, but the theatre is still amazing.

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