Hey Michigan! Who Has The Best Coney?!

Here at Michigan is Amazing we are looking for your input on our next Top Ten List.

This week we want to know what’s your favorite Michigan Coney Island Restaurant?  So tell us…do you love Athens? Do you crave Lafayette? Or maybe you can’t live with L. George’s!  Leave a comment or send us an email (michiganisamazing@michaelflora.com).

The list will be up next Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “Hey Michigan! Who Has The Best Coney?!

  1. In the Tri-County area, Lafayette Coney has to be the hands-down winner.

    However, those acquainted with the Grand Rapids area know that The Yesterdog in East Town is without question the best coney IN THE STATE. Fun Fact: “Dog Years” in the “American Pie” films was based on The Yesterdog.

  2. Lafayette! Definitely! I even bought 40 dogs with everything to go. Took them down to North Carolina for my Dad’s birthday. He loved it!

  3. I have to say National Coney Island. I worked there for a couple months senior year of college, and I can’t tell you how many people came in, telling me they had moved out of state and were visiting and just HAD to have a coney while they were here!

  4. I am a fan of Hellenic Coney Island on 12 mile & Evergreen , They have the best french fries and homemade chicken w/dumplings soup!! The Greek Dressing is off the hook! Total mmmmmmmmmmmm

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