Michigan is Amazing Needs Your Help!

We are looking for your help!  Michigan is Amazing wants to start a Top Ten list and our first Top Ten list will be Michigan summer destinations.

Please submit your ideas via comment or email (michiganisamazing@michaelflora.com).

Thanks for all your help and we look forward to seeing what and where you think should be on that list!



5 thoughts on “Michigan is Amazing Needs Your Help!

  1. You should definitely put St. Joseph on your top 10 list! It’s a beautiful beach town (3 public beaches on Lake Michigan within the city limits) with charming lighthouses, fabulous sunsets, fun festivals, and it’s right in the heart of Michigan’s fruit and wine belt. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is!

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  2. South Haven! Amazing beaches, lighthouse, concerts, shops, restaurants, festivals, sunsets, blueberrys, boats and people!

  3. Can I include the entire area we all know as “Northern Michigan”? Each town is so unique and amazing in its’ own way. If I had to choose one area in particular though, I would choose Walloon Lake. Crystal clear water and miles and miles of wooded shoreline. On a side note, I took my kids to Mackinac Island for a day in July. I hadn’t been there in 30 years. From the boat ride to renting bikes and riding around the island, the day could not have been more perfect. What a treasure we have in Michigan in the form of Mackinac Island.

  4. South Haven!! There’s no comparison to the 2 large beaches, HarborFest and Blueberry Fest, shopping, music, Sherman’s Ice Cream! Nothing compares!

  5. Grayling, Mi. It’s a quiet and small town, but has enough of a downtown to get the essential for those that aren’t wilderness savvy, but the cities historic buildings and camp grayling itself are well worth the visit. For those that love nature, it just doesn’t get any better. Beautiful woods that my family has spent generations visiting and camping in as well living over decades. It’s a city that doesn’t change much, and it’s old soul shows. And for those hunters out there, it’s magnificent in the winter.

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