Michigan Icon – Big Boy

Big Boy restaurants are a Michigan tradition.  A road trip through Michigan isn’t the same without that iconic Big Boy character appearing on the horizon just when you need to take that food break.

Fred, Louis, and John Elias started their Big Boy franchise in 1951, changing the diners they currently owned into the Big Boy brand and growing and franchising their vision of the brand.  In 1987, Marriott sold the chain they purchased from Bob Wian (the founder of Bob’s Big Boy) to the Elias Brothers.  In 2000, Elias Brothers filed for bankruptcy and was bought by Robert Liggett who formed Big Boy Restaurants LLC.

Big Boy is involved with many charities and communities across Michigan.  Since 1978 they have been working with the Boy Scouts on Operation Can-Do; which collects food across the state for the disadvantaged.  They also are involved with the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Toys for Tots, and sending needed items to our troops overseas.

For more information on this Michigan staple or for the location nearest you visit www.bigboy.com.



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  1. This actually strikes fond memories of me as a kid, tween, and teen traveling the state and getting my picture taken with him at various locations. Michigan wouldn’t be the same without Big Boy or their strong and bitter java!

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