Haunted Michigan

The Paulding Light

Just off Highway 45 near Paulding and Watersmeet, in the Upper Peninsula, a phenomenon called the Paulding Light (aka Lights of Paulding, Dog Meadow Lights) occurs.

Just what is the Paulding Light?  It’s a light that appears after dark each night, regardless of season, that reportedly hovers and moves along the power lines.  The light has also been known to change color; red and white are most common, but blue and green have also been seen.

At the spot where people gather nightly to observe this phenomenon there is a sign that reads:

This is the location from which the famous Paulding Light can be observed.  Legend explains its presence as a railroad brakeman’s ghost, destined to remain forever at the sight of his untimely death.  He continually waves his signal lantern as a warning to all who come to visit.

To observe the phenomenon, park along this forest road facing north.  The light will appear each evening in the distance along the power line right-of-way.”

The posted legend is only one of the many stories of explanation.  Some tell the tale of an Indian ghost that is dancing on the power lines, some believe it’s just swamp gas, and still others believe it is a portal for spirits or to another dimension.

Several amateur studies have been done, but there is still no definite conclusion.  Theories of car headlights and taillights are debunked based on reports of the light going back to the early lumber days, long before cars.  But only one thing is certain, the Paulding Light does exist.

There are many amateur videos on YouTube.  Click here to view one of your choosing.  For more information you can Google “the Paulding Light” or visit the Wikipedia site.



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    • A photo will never do it justice. It is something that u have to see in person. Whatever the light is…it likes live music my friend started playing the mandolin and it was a good time. Something worth seeing!

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