Michigan’s Cheesy Potato City

When a Michigander hears the name Pinconning, chances are that the first thing they think of is cheese. But, did you know that Pinconning is an Indian name, which means “a place of potatoes?” It was named for the potatoes that grew by the river.

The first European settler in the area was GeorgeVan Etten, who put up a sawmill. Later, the Detroit and Mackinac Railroad built a line through Pinconning which “put the town on the map.”

Today, The City is most famous for the production of Pinconning Cheese, which began approximately 100 years ago. This is an old style recipe which has a taste somewhere between a colby and a cheddar. The process has been refined since its origin, and the cheese factory now produces a variety of styles, from fresh to aged.

For more information about Pinconning, please visit: www.infomi.com/city/pinconning/



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