Eminem’s Tribute to Detroit

The video for Eminem’s latest single, “Beautiful,” pays tribute to some of the legendary Detroit landmarks that are now in ruins.

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One thought on “Eminem’s Tribute to Detroit

  1. I think this is one of the most touching songs that Eminem has ever written. I heard it for the first time last week (I’ve had the CD for weeks, but stumbled across it on Shade 45) While he notes that he song was originally written to help him cope with his own depression, I think it can serve as an anthem for those of us having to cope here. The economic downturn, the demise of the auto industry, and the neglect of a once beautiful thriving city.

    After reading the article and watching the video I am looking at the lyrics as if written by the City of Detroit itself. The song carries that mixture of grit and pride that all Detroiters carry whether you’re from Evergreen & Fenkell, or 15 & Woodward. You could almost replace the word “rap” with “cars.” It’s surreal. Not only does he say “Here’s the problem, but here’s how to fix it.”

    As far as the video goes, one could derive that this is only another opportunity to be showcased in a sad, depressing light. But, in my opinion, I think it’s an opportunity to say, “Look, we did this. Years of urban sprawl, corruption, and neglect. But, here’s our opportunity to change it, make it golden again.”

    I think people grossly underestimate Eminem’s talent. Of course he overshadows it with some of his songs, but I have thought this from the very beginning, he is an outstanding writer. He has the unique ability to touch diverse crowds of people – inner city urban America to the quiet, nicely manicured suburbs. The song tells us to never EVER be ashamed of where you came from, and don’t let anyone judge you based on it.

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